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Hårborttagning för de känsliga

Hårborttagning för de känsliga

Sensitive skin care in itself is a troublesome task, let alone adding hair removal to the relationship is complicated mix.


For a lucky few shaving works, but for the majority including not so sensitive skin peeps shaving does not deliver on it’s easy breezy promise. If you do want to shave, just because then there are a few things to keep in mind. More often than not, the method is not what is sending your skin into world war breakout instead it will be your products.


keep it tip top sharp. Throw out those been in the shower for over a year razor. If your razor has a built in moisture band thingy then you want to check the ingredients… can be irritating. We recommend using a safety razor. The blades are switch-out-able super easy, super quality blades, environmentally friendly and easy on the planbok.

Finding a product system that works for you is all about trial and error. We highly recommend doing pre oil to help soften up the skin, exfoliating regularly with a great salt scrub. After shaving use a witch hazel or Aloe Vera solution to help close and hydrate pores. Pro shave tip: directly after shaving trying putting super cold water on the area to close pores immediately.


Waxing and sugaring both fall into the epilation category. Neither is better than the other, it is only marketing that puts one over the other. They both remove hair from the root, they both do it in a pulling action and they both keep hair away for weeks. (myth busting – one does not keep hair away longer than the other, it is your genetics that decide that).

  • Natural VS synthetic ingredients Both are good both are bad it all depends on what you are sensitive to. If you are sensitive you do need to battle your way through the ingredients list.

  • Length of hair Sugaring does not remove shorter hair than waxing. Again, another marketing ploy. They both remove short hairs, it all depends on the brand of wax/ sugar… not all brands are created equal. We do not recommend waxing or sugaring short hairs since this means that you most likely have more very short hairs sitting right under your skin and these will show up within a few days, making your wax/sugaring treatment feel like it did not work. Read about hair growth cycles to understand more 

  • Pain It changes month to month, depending on your hormone cycles, mood, stress, weather, time between treatments, amount of hair in the monthly growth cycle and so many many other factors. Pain is also individual so it is impossible to compare the waxing and sugaring in pain factor. Both remove hair from the root… both will be a tad uncomfortable, let’s not sugar coat it, right.


The modern hair removal method that is hard to believe is true. But it is. The misconception with laser and IPL hårborttagning is that it is some sort of miracle hair removal that leaves you hair free like a plaza kvinna editorial model. It may or it may not.

  • Hair freedom. The whole point of laser and IPL hårborttagning is to make you more hair comfortable. To reduce the amount of hair you have so that you do not have bad skin (sensitive skin peeps raise your hands up) and that you do not need to feel (highlight feel) like you need to remove your hair so often. Understand hair cycles is extremely important to being able to understand how laser will work for you.

  • Light hair types and laser IPL hårborttagning. Yes light, grey and redhead people can now do laser and IPL hårborttagning. It all depends on the machine used, but many of the new machines are focused on these hair types.


Always a good thing. Removing dead skin cells makes it easier for hairs to come out and not cause ingrown hair irritation. If your skin is sensitive to friction there are many products that use acids as a more gentle way to exfoliate. Yeah, sounds weird saying acid as gentle but they can be less abrasive when used right. Many of your face products can also be used on smaller hair removal areas eg. armhålor, bikini line, rumpa and maglinje.


We recommend looking more into the following products: Follisanbare solutions scrub butterbare solutions Skin Mistbare solutions Cool AloeDermalogica Daily MicrofoliantDermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant, bare solutions safety razor and bare solutions Calm Body Oil

Hope that we have cleared up some skin sensitive thoughts. If you have any questions or are unsure about how you can get better hair removal then just flick us an email and we will be the solution to your question.

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