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Nackdelar med vaxning

Nackdelar med vaxning

Waxing was our very first treatment that we mastered. In 2009 Lisa made brasiliansk vaxning popular in Örebro. At Bare Solutions we are definitely pro waxing or pro any hair removal that pulls the hair by the root.

One thing we know well is helping customers find which treatment suits them best. To know what works for you means also looking at what doesn’t work for you.

Let’s talk about the vaxning nackdelar. Knowing the negatives of any treatment also helps you and us find a better solution that can solve your troubles.

  1. Have to grow hair out

    For good results waxing requires that you have a routine of growing your hair out for about 4-6 weeks before each treatment. Hair grows in cycles and it is our job to see that we can get all your hairs growing out on the same cycle as much as possible.

  2. Ingrown hairs still happen

    If you are removing hair you run a risk of creating ingrown hairs. Neither shaving, waxing or sugaring create less ingrown hairs. The whole act of removing hair by either cutting or pulling out can give us ingrown hairs. Some people are more prone than others and some body parts are more prone than others.

  3. Moderately painful

    We are removing hair from the root, we all feel this “pain” differently. However it does get easier the more often you wax since the hairs do not have the time to rebuild themselves to full grown strength.

  4. Costly

    Waxing is a repetitive treatment and you will need to continue doing it to hold up results. One way to save money on waxing is to DIY wax and do it from home. We have wax kits that are compact and suitable for at home waxing in the bathroom.

Now we know the con’s of waxing it becomes easier to know if it is worth trying. Our simple way to judge if waxing is for you is to answer the following:

  1. Do you have tålamod to have hair growth for a few weeks before waxing each time? Yes/No

  2. Do you suffer from chronic ingrown hairs? Yes/No

  3. Is moderate pain a big issue for you? Yes/No

  4. Is spending money on waxing every 4-6 weeks difficult for you? Yes/No

If you answer YES to any of the questions above then waxing may not be right for you and looking for a more permanent solution such as laser hårborttagning might be a better option and worth looking into. We recommend booking a hair removal consultation with us so that we can help you decide which hair removal method is right just for you.

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