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AnsiktshÄr laser kundrecension

AnsiktshÄr laser kundrecension

Controversial opinion: All these treatments don't really give results, salons/clinics just want to make money 💰

Grab a cup of tea đŸ«– - let's do some real talk.

Here's the thing, treatments do work - when you have the right information and can make an informed decision. - a good salon/clinic should give you information without pressure to purchase.

We totally agree, there are scam treatments out there. Believe me (hi ya 👋 it's Lisa) I am the first to call out 📱 rubbish. This is why we are very trusted for our laser, chemical peels and other advanced treatments.

We won't sell it to you, if it won't help you.

đŸ™‹â€â™€ïž REAL LIFE STORY - Let us introduce you to *Anna, she had discomfort from her dark, irritated hairs on her chin. For her it felt like they were growing out aggressively every day. Not only was she struggling with the hair growth but her skin was suffering from daily hair removal.

Now we could tell you a story of us making Anna hair free. We would rather tell you the truth.

Anna has done 7 intensive laser treatments (a hair system we have developed just to target facial hair growth)

Anna started in 22 March 2023 and did her last treatment 30 August 2023. Honestly, for now she is feeling much more comfortable and her skin has reduced hairs and calmed down. REAL TALK - we don't know how long it will last. There is a high possibility that Anna will be back for more treatments. Facial hair is hormone driven and can change from month to month.

What we do know Anna right now has less aggressive hairs, her skin has improved and there is less skin irritation.

We did recommend products during her laser journey. Our best tip for skin irritation from hair removal is Dermalogicas AGE Bright serum and changing your hair removal tool.

We will let Anna tell you in her own words how it has been working with the Bare Solutions team.

Hej Anna,

How is the laser journey feeling right now?

Right now I have results beyond my expectations. After treatment 7 the dark hairs are growing slowly and sparesly.

Has laser been painful?

Yes, but I have felt Safe and been able to take pauses when in need. No pain after, only with high temperatures during laser.

Is laser achieving the results you would like?

It took some time just like I had been prepared it would, but now the results are beyond my expectation. I have cancelled my latest appointments since no new hairs are growing out.

Would you recommend others with hair removal trouble to look at laser as an option?

Yes, it takes patience but is so worth it. Especially with the professional help and knowledge at Bare Solutions.

Do you have any laser hair removal advice to share with others that have the same skin/hair concern that you have had?

After advice from Lisa i have used Dermalogica Age Bright Clearing Serum and Braun Face Mini HĂ„rborttagare FS1000 instead of razor. Combining these has helped to calm the skin down, less irritation, cuts and pimples.

Thanks Anna for trusting us and helping others with your story 😀

REMEMBER! Hair removal and skin treatments are a journey. We are in it with you. Trust the process.

*(client name change for privacy)

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