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Vad du kan förvänta dig under en microneedling-behandling

Vad du kan förvänta dig under en microneedling-behandling
    • Pre-Consultation. A Professional Skin Therapist will examine your skin and determine suitability. A patch test for advanced resurfacing may be performed. You will be advised on how best to prepare your skin prior to treatment for best results.


    • Procedure.
        1. Consultation: Safety and suitability of treatment is reassessed, and photos of your skin taken.
        2. Prep: Your skin will be cleansed and analysed then degreased and resurfaced with an appropriate level of chemical peel.
        3. Treatment: Appropriate serum is applied to strengthen skin then applied again during the Microneedling procedure. An appropriate needle size and depth is used to target your skin health goals. Your Professional Skin Therapist will administer the Microneedling tool directly and evenly across your skin, working with a technique for best results. Treatment is finished with a sheet mask to cool and calm the skin.
      • After Care. Most people require little down time if any. You may see redness for a few days after the procedure which is a natural response. Your Professional Skin Therapist will review your post procedure steps including how and when to use your PRO Restore and what to avoid for the next 24-72 hours. Results will be visible within two weeks. It’s recommended to book a series of PRO Microneedling treatments 4-6 weeks apart for optimal improvements and skin maintenance.

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