Priser och information for now. Tips, favoriter och ännu mer information kommer inom kort!


Add on (Kvinna + Man) 70 kr

rid of those stray hairs. a little off the inner thigh, lower cheeks or lower stomach. each item is 60kr st. Only in combination with waxing treatment

Brasiliansk vaxning (Kvinna) 495 kr

take it off front to back.. all in just 15 mins

Brasiliansk vaxning (Man) 595 kr

Our most popular question: ”are men waxing there too?”… yes. If men are growing hair and are old enough to shave, then they sure as hell can get in on the waxing scene. Tyvärr women, it’s not just a service selected for you.

Inbetweeny-vaxning (Kvinna) 395 kr

bare solutions trade mark… something inbetween a bikini and a brazilian. think super tidy bikini.

Bikini-vaxning (Kvinna) 295 kr

keeping the hairs outside the trosor line in order.

Armhålor (Kvinna + Man) 165 kr

The guys are doing it too.

Hela arm (Kvinna + Man) 375 kr

it means two, not one arm.

Halva arm (Kvinna + Man) 275 kr

pick which half top or bottom… we know, choices.

Axlar (Man) 245 kr

a little shoulder tidy up?

Hela ben (Kvinna) 575 kr

all in, waxing from the top of the thigh to the toes

Hela ben (Man) 625 kr

same goes for the guys, top to toe

Halva ben (Kvinna) 395 kr

pick either above the knee or below the kne

Halva ben (Man) 425 kr

yup men are in on the leg wax action

Bröst exkl. mage (Man) 475 kr

keeping the man turf tidy + controlled

Bröst inkl. mage (Man) 625 kr

all in tidy control

Maglinje (Kvinna + Man) 110 kr

that little string of hair just under your belly button

Mage (Kvinna) 185 kr

fluffy baby type hair getting on your nerves, lets remove it then

Mage (Man) 325 kr

chest hair and stomach hair getting too friendly with each other?

Ländrygg (Kvinna + Man) 135 kr

we all have a little of it, if it’s not your style then do yourself a favour and get it gone

Rumpa (Kvinna + Man) 195 kr

keeping it tidy

Rygg (Kvinna) 215 kr

we all have a little of it, if it’s not your style then do yourself a favour and get it gone

Rygg inkl. axlar (Man) 495 kr

Stop letting your girlfriend, wife, bestie or sister wax your back. Even if they say they know what they are doing, they DON’T. Book in and get your waxing done right. no offence girlfriends, wives, besties and sisters… we’re sure you’re good at other things.


Ansikte (Hela) exkl. bryn390 kr

Advice for managing and reducing your facial hair included. We know that facial hair is a problem for many and we will make sure that you get the best advice from us so that you can learn to live in peace with those pesky random hairs.

Ansikte (Hela) inkl. bryn550 kr

Advice for managing and reducing your facial hair included just like above.

Överläpp eller haka (Kvinna) 155 kr

We’ve all got them, those stubby chin hairs.

Överläpp och haka (Kvinna) 195 kr

we have you covered when the hairs stray.

Öra (Kvinna + Man) 155 kr

those hairs stray everywhere ?

Polisonger (Kvinna + Man) 185 kr

hair lines never been so tidy.

Vaxning (Paket)

Brasiliansk + Halva ben (Kvinna) 800 kr

men call to get a packet price

Brasiliansk + Hela ben (Kvinna) 960 kr

men call to get a packet price

Bras + Halva ben + Armhålor (Kvinna) 950 kr

men call to get a packet price

Bras + Hela ben + Armhålor (Kvinna) 1050 kr

men call to get a packet price

Inbetweeny + Halva ben (Kvinna) 710 kr

when you just need it done quick + easy

Inbetweeny + Hela ben (Kvinna) 870 kr

helping keep things tidy

Inbetweeny + Halva ben + Armhålor (Kvinna) 860 kr

it’s just about a quick + easy tidy up

Inbetweeny + Hela ben + Armhålor (Kvinna) 1020 kr

all in, let’s do this

Bikini + Hela ben (Kvinna) 780 kr

men call to get a packet price

Bikini + Halva ben (Kvinna) 620 kr

inner thigh, little on the bum

Bikini + Halva ben + Armhålor (Kvinna) 770 kr

it’s easy to keep it tidy with bare solutions

Bikini + Hela ben + Armhålor (Kvinna) 1050 kr

we know you will love us for the quickness

Rygg + Bröst (Man) 795 kr

inkl axlar, exkl mage

Rygg + Bröst + Mage (Man) 895 kr

inkl axlar

Rygg + Mage (Man) 725 kr

inkl axlar