På måndag börjar jag

This is my first blog post for the freshly started bare solutions Journal – a let’s get comfortable space where we talk about the everyday topics that float around the studio. I hope you will enjoy what I (Lisa) share as much as I enjoy talking about these topics when I meet you all at the studio.

Why is it soooo damn hard to get started with anything that you know is good for you? A constant, and I highlight CONSTANT conversation we have at the studio is ”I know I should be, I really want to, I am going to …. BUT I didn’t”. My big struggle is motivation to workout. The consistency to want to workout to be more specific.

Is this you?

På måndag börjar jag, På måndag börjar jag, På måndag börjar jag…. this is my usual saying right about this time during the week. Wednesday’s are when I start to fail. The cookies slowly enter the diet… salad for lunch? nope two days (Monday + Tuesday) starving myself has hit home…. I want carbs. Let’s eat Zao, nope changed my mind bastard burgers it is.

What stops us from doing what we know we should? Time? Inner critic voice? laziness? Money? Children? – I usually blame the last one… it is my easy get out of jail free card. After raising this topic on my private insta, my avid workout hero’s were quick to DM me – ”know your why”, then buy shit cool workout clothes.

I am in post baby (5 months) body and back to work. I feel the pressure on my body and mind. My why, is strength, my why is fit-back-into-pre-baby-jeans again… or just wear jeans again. BUT, and it is a highlighted BUT … my why is still a damn struggle to keep motivated and make happen.

I thought knowing your why made it easy. I thought that it would show up every day sprinkling glitter around and just whisking me off to the gym with my green smoothie pre-made and packed in my gym bag with a little note on it saying ”you got this”. Knowing your why does not make it any easier… it is just a reminder to suck up the struggle and show up. 

My tip so far. Show up regardless of what XX excuse is. Push yourself kindly. Showing up will sometimes be you with your pits not waxed/shaved, your energy so so and your attitude more on the bite me side of life. I have also found that having others with me on this journey holds me accountable. I am absolute shit at holding myself accountable but I am 100% in for others, I work damn hard to show up for others.

Enter Hedvig from Wannhagen Workouts. She pushes kindly, she understands the mum workout struggle (damn, no more children excuses)… she really REALLY gets the strength concept. I have being showing up because I am committed to Hedvig and to the bare solutions team. If there was a direct dial line straight to your WHY, I would say it sits very much in commitment and having your tribe, your peeps, your team holding you accountable.

Want to try it? want to see what it is like to workout with Hedvig? jump on over to our instagram @baresolutions and look for the post of Hedvig (the cool chic with the weights). We have a competition going for the next few weeks where we want you to write on the post telling us your motivation stuggles. I honestly really look forward to reading them.

start now, show up. 

I will keep you posted on how it goes with my workouts weekly. Follow our work instagram @baresolutons or my private instagram @lisafrazer for updates.

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På måndag börjar jag

This is my first blog post for the freshly started bare solutions Journal - a let's get comfortable space where we talk about the...