Hey! I’m Lisa, I created bare solutions in 2009. As all love stories start, there was no major plan. Just a glimpse of a magic spark between me and what could be. I have a love for aesthetics and simplifying facts. The core of where bare solutions started.

Since I picked up my first razor my skin had been plagued with red spots, irritation and many beach seasons hiding in bikini line shame. When I had that first hair removal ”Ah-ha” moment I knew I had to share the simplicity of hair removal in a format that was easy to digest for us all. We all need to know how easy hair removal really is, when you get real with the facts.

The bare solutions team now all strive for the same thing. Pointing you in the right direction for your own wax, laser, brow and lash solution. I am ridiculously proud of our team, of bare solutions. On behalf of all of us at the studio, come in and let us help you find your solution. Vibes, Lisa xo