Män tar bort lika mycket hår som kvinnor.

Hårborttagning är unisex.

There is this thing about women feeling pressured by media to remove hair. I can agree, there is visual pressure to remove hair. However… that it is solely focused on females is where I draw the line and highlight a big nope!, no… na-ah.

You see, humans in general remove hair. We’ve been doing it since the ancient Egypt days. The reasons change, the styles change but we’re ALL out there supporting it in some way.

Men are removing hair just as much as women, the conversation about it is just less.

The verbal problem sits with that we as women only focus on us as women removing hair. Then when the conversation about men removing hair comes up, it’s generally the minority group of ”men don’t remove hair” males that speak. Which does not represent the full male view correctly…. While the majority of men that do remove hair do not dare to speak….. since ya know… hair removal is a struggle.

Hair removal should be labelled an equal oppurtunity struggle for both the sexes. bare solutions EVERY WEEK has men coming in to the studio to remove their Armhålor hair, their braziliansk vaxning hair, their back hair their chest hair … you get my point. It’s a struggle for all and any of us equally.

So, please. When it comes to hair removal. Can we put the focus where it needs to be. On hair biology knowledge, individually suited hair removal decisions, better skin and loving less hair rather than this nonsense myth of hair free. Think intelligent hair removal.

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