Priser och information for now. Tips, favoriter och ännu mer information kommer inom kort!


Add On Diode Laser (Kvinna + Man) 195 kr

rid of those stray hairs. a little off the inner thigh, lower cheeks or lower stomach. each item is 170kr st. *only in combination with laser treatment

Brasiliansk Diode Laser (Kvinna) 895 kr

If you are all in with down there hair removal then the brasiliansk is what you are looking for.

Brasiliansk Diode Laser (Man) 975 kr

yes yes the men are all over laser removal there too… it’s a keeping it tidy world

Inbetweeny Diode Laser (Kvinna) 795 kr

keeping some hair + keeping it tidy. think, mother nature style but with a tidy twist

Bikini Diode Laser (Kvinna) 725 kr

Bikini tidy up with our diode laser, we like to call her Doris. She works effectively and is painfree thanks to our advanced cooling system.

Armhålor Diode Laser (Kvinna + Man) 495 kr

Away with the armhålor hair permanently. A quick procedure, that is painfree

Hela Arm Diode Laser (Kvinna + Man) 1295 kr

it means two, not one arm

Halva Arm Diode Laser (Kvinna + Man) 785 kr

pick which half top or bottom… we know, choices

Axlar Diode Laser (Kvinna + Man) 590 kr

we are on it, shoulders covered

Hela Ben Diode Laser (Kvinna) 1595 kr

all in, waxing from the top of the thigh to the toes

Hela Ben Diode Laser (Man) 1595 kr

same goes for the guys, top to toe

Halva Ben Diode Laser (Kvinna) 920 kr

If you stopped shaving your underben, how much time would you save in the duschen?

Halva Ben Diode Laser (Man) 990 kr

yup men are in on the leg wax action

Hela Lår Diode Laser (Kvinna + Man) 895 kr

sometimes it’s just got to be gone

Baksida eller Framsida Lår (Kvinna + Man) 450 kr

sometimes it’s just got to be gone

Insida Lår (Kvinna + Man) 325 kr

sometimes it’s just got to be gone

Bröst exkl. Mage Diode Laser (Man) 895 kr

keeping the man turf in order

Bröst inkl. Mage Diode Laser (Kvinna + Man) 1495 kr

all in tidy control

Bröst Diode Laser (Kvinna) 690 kr

hair shows up everywhere, lucky we can fix that

Bröstvårtor Diode Laser (Kvinna + Man) 375 kr

Sometimes we get a little hair there

Maglinje Diode Laser (Kvinna) 325 kr

A popular treatment, you are not alone… belly button hair line

Mage Diode Laser (Kvinna + Man) 720 kr

chest hair and stomach hair getting too friendly with each other?

Ländrygg Diode Laser (Kvinna + Man) 435 kr

we all have a little of it, if it’s not your style then do yourself a favour and get it gone

Rumpa Diode Laser (Kvinna) 750 kr

since when did we need hairs there?

Rumpa Diode Laser (Man) 845 kr

since when did we need hairs there?

Rygg Diod Laser (Kvinna) 845 kr

we all have a little of it, if it’s not your style then do yourself a favour and get it gone

Rygg inkl. Axlar Diod Laser (Man) 1210 kr

Book in and get that stuff done right, permanently

Händer Diode Laser (Kvinna + Man) 375 kr

they say hands tell the history of our lives.

Fötter Diod Laser (Kvinna + Man) 325 kr

improve your summer feet flip flop selfies

Fingrar/Tår Diode Laser (Kvinna + Man) 190 kr

it might seem like a small thing, but those pesky hairs can get to us.


Överläpp eller Haka (Kvinna + Man) 345 kr

We are all for a mustache for the right person… but not everyone wants one.

Överläpp och Haka (Kvinna + Man) 565 kr

The awesome duo… let them go down together.

Ögonbryn inkl. Mellan (Kvinna + Man) 375 kr

The permanent brow tidy up.

Ansikte (Kvinna + Man) 725 kr

A treatment we do not take lightly. It’s not for everyone, but it could be the end of your facial hair troubles.

Ansikte Sidor (Kvinna + Man) 525 kr

same info as above, get your info first

Kinder (Kvinna + Man) 345 kr

if the hairs are where you just don’t need them

Hals (Kvinna + Man) 475 kr

if its irritating you, we can help

Nacke (Kvinna + Man) 475 kr

helping keeping hair lines tidy since 2009

Dekolletage (Kvinna) 465 kr

Is that small hair on your dekoltage messing with your look?

Ansikte + Hals (Kvinna + Man) 975 kr

why not get a hair removal combo

Kinder + Hals + Nacke (Kvinna + Man) 1065 kr

like it says: kinder, hals, nacke

Paket Laser

Brasiliansk + Hela Ben (Kvinna) 2150 kr
Brasiliansk + Halva Ben* (Kvinna) 1630 kr

* Underben

Brasiliansk + Hela Ben + Armhålor (Kvinna) 2590 kr
Brasiliansk + Halva Ben + Armhålor (Kvinna) 2070 kr
Brasiliansk + Armhålor (Kvinna) 1250 kr
Inbetweeny + Hela ben (Kvinna) 2060 kr
Inbetweeny + Halva Ben* (Kvinna) 1540 kr

* Underben

Inbetweeny + Hela ben + Armhåla (Kvinna) 2500 kr
Inbetweeny + Halva Ben + Armhåla (Kvinna) 1920 kr
Inbetweeny + Armhålor (Kvinna) 1160 kr
Bikini + Hela Ben (Kvinna) 1990 kr
Bikini + Halva Ben* (Kvinna) 1480 kr

* Underben

Bikini + Hela Ben + Armhåla (Kvinna) 2395 kr
Bikini + Halva Ben* + Armhåla (Kvinna) 1875 kr

* Underben

Bikini + Armhålor (Kvinna) 1090 kr
Rygg + Axlar + Överarmar (Man) 2295 kr
Rygg + Mage (Man) 1725 kr
Rygg + Mage + Bröst (Man) 1875 kr

inkl. axlar, exkl. mage

Rygg + Bröst + Mage (Man) 2475 kr

inkl. axlar