How to get last minute times

Our last minute times have become very popular. We have them to fill in gaps where customers cancel last minute or where it is our slow times. 

Last minute times are great for you who are time flexible, spontaneous a student or just on a tight budget.

We recommend that you check the last minute times often, they can change every 30 minutes, depending on cancellations etc.

Here a few tips on what to think about with our last minute times.

  • Bookings do disappear.  If you can not see any last minute times available that is because they have been booked. They go quick, so do not hesitate when thinking about booking them.
  • Do ask us. If you see a last minute time available for a brazilian wax/laser, but you want a half leg wax/laser… email us (hello@baresolutions) and ask. Often we can be flexible, we only make a suggestion based on our most popular treatments.
  • Telephone calls. we can not always answer the phone or help with last minute time info. We are busy and ask that you try booking with our online calendar first or email us so we can help you between customers.

For more info on how to book a last minute time, watch the video above.

We are super happy to have you as our customer.

See you soon at the studio

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