Busy season booking tips

  • BOOK EARLY –  ”yeah yeah we know Lisa”… yes its a nag from us, but we really just want you to get the times you want.
  • PLAN YO PARKING – Örebro parking is a right pain. we feel you – so do as City Örebro says – use the parking houses. Check out City Örebro website for parking info and tips.
  • NOTIFICATIONS PLEASE – get on your social media and click bare solutions notifications  ON. We post often about last minute appointments that are available. Make sure you are knowing about them first with notifications. ALSO click to follow us on instagram + Facebook 
  • VÄNTELISTAN – we have a super cool waiting list that you can use on the online booking system. Just add your name to the list when looking through our available times.
  • CONTACT US – when in doubt – flick us an email. You know we will do our best to hook you up.

This year be a superstar and get yourself on a plan and prebook.

The link is right here: > IM A PLANNER + BOOKING NOW <

We thank you in advance for your organisation skills xo

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