Curious about diode laser?

We are guessing since you are reading this, you have some sort of curiosity for diode laser hair removal results.

What we have noticed in the past few years working with Doris (our diode laser machine) is that many of you are curious about laser BUT do not take the extra steps to find out more.

Watch the video below with Josephine Qvist that shows how our diode laser is quick, pain free and simple.

Diode Laser aim’s to end the hair life cycle so that over time you will end up with hair reduction making you more comfortable with your hair growth.

We recommend you book a gratis konsultation with us.

The idea behind a consultation is to put you on the right path. After explaining how diode laser works we plan together with you how to make it work for your budget and lifestyle.

There are a lot of myths and horror stories out there about diode laser and IPL hair removal. During your consultation we also put these myths and stories into perspective. Making you smarter about your hair removal is our goal.

Reasons to pick bare solutions as your laser go to place?

  • Completely insured studio for both customers and employees
  • Educated employees with a focus to give results
  • Certified diode laser machine
  • Laser not IPL (there is a difference)
  • Customer references
  • Consultation is compulsory

Still curious? book your gratis konsultation today