Brow hacks for bold chics + brave guys

With all the parties just around the corner our faces are going to be in the spot light. Below are some bare solutions tips to help your brows frame your lovely mug.

It’s not optional. You have a shape regardless if you want to embrace it or not. Let’s be clear, your shape is damn perfect just for you. Moving forward, your shape can always be tweaked. An ideal shape that suits everyone is when the beginning of the brow is aligned with the center of the nostril and the arch falls over the back third of the eye (image above). FOR THE GUYS, keep in mind this rule still works for you, however when plucking the hairs do not make the line so perfect. Keep it a tad messy.

Too much? book a BROW TUNE UP, and we can help you get they shape sorted.

Plucking for many is painful, but not impossible. Some smarts on plucking at home. Put a heated wash cloth over your brow or wash/shower your face in warm water before starting to pluck. The heat will help warm up your hair follicles so that they release the hair easier. EXTRA TIP: when plucking make sure you pluck your hairs in rows from the nose to the tail of your brow.

Every person can colour and fill in their brows. Simple colour tricks create an even and balanced brow. There is no quick hack to this HOWEVER if you start to notice grey hairs or more darker long wire hairs popping up do not pluck them out. Your best option is to colour or trim these hairs. As we get older our hairs naturally start to be fewer, plucking these hairs can add to your brows becoming thinner than they should be.

Need colour help? book a BROW WORKOUT for our colour matching magic suited for you.