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Our duty to you

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Bare Solutions is knowledgable beauty, with the goal to improve your wellbeing. Little did we know that our customers would actually educate and improve our wellbeing. When we started 14 years ago the message was very tongue and cheek - female power slogans with skinny over tanned woman as some sort of poster ideal. This message is dated (thankfully) and Bare Solutions has evolved (thankfully)

This is our moment to thank you, our customer for evolving us. Over the years I (Lisa) have seen many of your faces and bodies walk through our doors. None of you that walk through our doors are the poster ideal mentioned above. Why then, are we vomiting out an old dated marketing message to attract you as our customer. Our customers are just too smart for that message.

So we stoped. 

In the words of Simon Sink: “Great companies don’t offer us something to buy. Great companies offer us something to buy into. 

How dare we as a salon promote an ideal that we know is not real. Expecting you to buy into it. When you know better, do better. 

So we did.

You may have noticed (we hope you have) over the past year we have started to switch out our marketing images, with real life customers. We are here to represent you, that is our duty to you as your salon. We want you to buy into us, buy into our message - All bodies, Always. You can have all the beauty services, with a healthy mind and attitude with it.

We look forward to doing more Real Bodies photoshoots with our customers as models and together with Lena Larsson. We have a long way to go, representing all the differences that walk through our doors. We don’t need to have it all mapped out, we just need to start change.

Real Customers. All Bodies, Always.

Eternally grateful, 

Lisa bare solutions

Meet our customers below :)

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